Safety Personnel

We Provide Highly Trained and Qualified Safety Personnel For Your Job Site

Our people are capable of handling and operating safety equipment found on most jobsites and can assist in helping our clients teach and train their employees on the proper care and maintenance and usage of the equipment. We are there to instill confidence and leadership to your on-site workers in plant, oil & gas field environments.

Regular Safety Training

Vantage Safety personnel go through intensive training H2S, First Aid, Gas Detection & Control and Confined Space and Rescue along with many others. They are also trained regularly on any new technology that we have added to our service. Our personnel are also audited several times throughout a calendar year to add another level of safety.

If you are considering a career in H2S safety, you can apply online here.



Our Safety Personnel Are Certified For the Following:

Safety Logos-19

Safety Logos-20

Safety Logos-21

Memberships and Safety Resources:

Safety Logos-27

Safety Logos-26

Safety Logos-25

Safety Logos-24

Safety Logos-23

Safety Logos-22